News directly from me…..


I’ve been awaiting confirmation but I wanted to keep everyone apprised and update you all as soon as I knew the details and had everything in place.

I have recently announced that the publish date of L’amore will be March 17th. Sadly this is changing.

Unfortunately, it’s now going to be delayed again, due to my editorial process. I’ve always said I will be completely honest with you and I intend to honour that.

I mentioned that I am re-publishing Lussuria with a new book cover and a tidy up of grammatical errors. However, after further discussions with my copy editor and proof reader, I have decided to have a full developmental edit on Lussuria which is something I never had before. 

What does this mean?

Originally, I anticipated to only change some wordiness, sharpen it up and ensure it kept an overall consistency. After feedback from my editorial support network, they have identified that I have a great foundation for a fantastic series and they saw an opportunity to develop the plot, story and characterisation to make this big in order to really shine.

As opposed to just a tidy up, it means some re-write in parts, this would be elaborating with explanations in areas that may be questionable to the reader and reducing some wordy areas in order to solidify the plot.

The main reason they want to develop with me, is that they have faith in the series and see huge potential, creativity and talent. As this plot is unique and has not been done before, I have a massive opportunity to turn this into something spectacular with the correct guidance and coaching. That’s where developmental editing comes in.

Unfortunately this is the type of support I never received prior to, or after publishing and therefore, I never got the best direction throughout the early stages of my first book. Now it has been picked up, I’m well on my way to achieving a smoother polish with the potential to truly firm up my plot, continuing to keep the emotion and beauty we love, but to make it more believable.

This is refreshing and a fantastic opportunity I cant turn down, because not only will it make Lussuria flawless, but ensure it’s something very special indeed to compliment the other books in the series and give it the spotlight it deserves.

With that being said, L’amore is finshed and good to go and I’m 3/4 of the way through Luminoso. Consequently any changes I’m making now to Lussuria may have a detrimental affect on L’amore and even Luminoso to a certain extent which means I might to revisit and change certain parts of them in order to keep consistency.

This means, more editing, proof reading, beta reading before it even gets to format stage and it all takes time, regardless of how quick I type and finish.

I’ve already started my changes and I will have Lussuria’s new version finished, fully edited and back to me for the end of April. I know this seems long, but it’s a lengthy process. Not only do I have to appreciate the working schedule of my editors, the developmental edits can go back and forth between myself and my edit support team until it’s right. 

I’ve decided to cancel the original blog tour I had planned and I’ve rebooked two brand new blog tours. I’ll be keeping the cover reveal for both books as planned on March 14th. I now have an individual tour for Lussuria and one for L’amore.

The reason being, is that Lussuria’s new version will contain bonus scenes never read, an additional flashback of Lexi’s, and an extra chapter in the middle, pertinent to the story with an overall tidy up. It should help fill in the gaps and give reason behind some of the actions and situations to give a deeper meaning and evidently understanding to the reader.

If you have already read Lussuria or have it downloaded, when the new version is uploaded onto amazon, you should be able to manage your device through your settings and its free to have the newer version sent to your device, it will automatically download once you have reset it. I’ll also be running a special promo when the new version comes out which will be marketed at the time of publishing and again for L’amore.

For the paperbacks, well it means a full new paperback version, but this was always the case as I was rebranding and re-editing anyway.

I appreciate this isn’t ideal and I can only sincerely apologise from the bottom of my heart, because I feel like I’m letting you down by postponing the release and I know you’re desperate for some more Lucca Caruso and his eroticism and sweet romance. All I can say is, I assure you it will be worth the wait. L’amore is off the charts and I’ll leave it there to your imagination!

I have to say, it’s not been an easy decision and has caused me great deliberation with a lot of stress and added pressure simply because I found the whole thought of rewriting certain chapters challenging and exhausting. Especially when I had already committed to deadlines and I’m currently working between three books. 

I also hate the notion that I may be letting my readers down, but I feel that given the extra couple of weeks to give the books the work and detail they deserve will only make your reading experience more enjoyable but give me the satisfaction that I’m getting it right, for you. And I want these books to be a gift of the day, you wont forget.

Its been a huge decision and ultimately I need to do what’s right by these books, and take the professional advice from my support team to make this series the next big thing.

I’m extremely lucky and very grateful to have the back up I need now and I’m confidant with my new team I’ll do this justice with the right direction. It’s a huge project and I do love challenges but sometimes, it just takes some breathing time to recognise the bigger picture and come back fighting with a new found focus, and that’s what I’m doing.

You’ll know if you’ve read the first version of Lussuria that I’m very much a visual person and that means we are aiming for picture perfect not only with my visualisation, but also with my reasoning, something that I need more direction with.

I’ll keep you updated with any developments and I’ll post the new blog tour links for the bloggers when I get them. I know I’ve posted some L’amore teasers already and I will pick that up and continue with it, running up to the new release date.

It may mean I wont pick up your emails, messages, posts, tweets, tags and comments right away as I have a long to get through in the next six weeks, but I’ll try keep on top of it as much as I can. Remember don’t be afraid to post on my facebook page or twitter, I love to see and hear about all things lust, love , light related. Please don’t be disheartened if I don’t reply to you right away, but I will get to you.

I promise.

And as Lucca Caruso says, A promise is a promise.

I hope you understand my reasoning behind this decision and I hope you’ll continue your support.

Thank you readers, bloggers, beta readers, and a special thanks to my Dolcezza’s ~ Luminara street team for being patient, supportive and excited about this series. I truly appreciate it.

Lust ~ Love ~ Light.